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Here at Stitch & Seam, we have both been very focused lately on delivering the products that you want with a large enough of a selection to fit your interests.  As we continually try to improve our catalog, we also look for better ways to engage each of you to ensure you are happy with your experience.

To help with these objectives, we are announcing two new collections to the store today as well as a new payment option!

The first new collection which you may have seen are Tank-Tops.  These tank tops have been selected to fit our niche brand while providing you with the sayings and sizes you've come to expect.  This collection has sold quite well so far, so please be sure to check them out!

The second new collection which you can expect to be live shortly are Phone Cases!  Why phone cases? Well, we figured that if you enjoyed the fun shirts we sell, you'll definitely love the cases which we will be selling shortly.  These are going to fit most phone types and will be backed by our Return Policy Guarantee.  Look for emails and social media ads later this week as we will be running a 10% off sale on all of them for the first 48 hours after they go live.

Finally, due to customer demand, we are now accepting Google Pay on our store!  This addition allows us to accept any major payment type in the world, to provide you with the payment flexibility to shop our store on the go.

Thank you for reading and thank you for shopping with Stitch & Seam,

Dave and Sara