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Top 25 Dog GIFs That Prove They're the Best Pet

Who doesn't love dogs?


25. All together now


24. On our way


23. Pull over!


22. I hiding


21. We work out


20. Dinner time!


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19. I saves you


18. Let's cuddle


17.  I drives you


16. Want to hang out?


15. Your best friend


If your dog is your best friend, then you really need this shirt:


14. Can't go out tonight, too busy working


13. You should get some fresh air


12. Who's a good boy?


11. All the cuteness!



10. Mowing the lawn


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9. You know they have cravings too



8. but they don't always eat everything


7.  They even have table manners


6. and make us happy


5. Paw the plank, matey!



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4.  Go for a ride


3. Or just stay in


2. It doesn't matter to dogs


1. Because they're our best friends


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